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Our Brand Experience

A brand is much more than just a name and logo. It’s a promise! The things that make Beit-Nir Jewelry different are reflected in our new brand promise. It’s a promise of the certain type of experience that our concumers will have whenever and whatever they come into contact with us. A promise we must live and remind each one of our business partners and customers to live every day.

Beit-Nir brand experience should be expressed in every thing we do: our Silver-made designs, our marketing communications systems, and of course the way the jealeries are presented at the purchasing points and the way they packed and delivered to the consumers.                                   

That is why the entire process of re-creating Beit-Nir Jewelry ’s brand identity rests on a through understanding of the company and obsessive attention to every detail of its presence. From now and on, the success of the brand is really depending on you!